Trina Christine Film Co.



1. How Will I Receive My Wedding Videos?

When all of your wedding films are finished, I create a personalized website for you! It will have all of your films artfully displayed.

YES you can download the films straight from the website!

YES you can share your website link to all of your family & friends to download!

2. Can I Customize My Wedding Film?

Of Course! I highly encourage either meeting in person or scheduling a phone call to truly discuss what you’re looking for in your wedding film. Some couples want a short recap to highlight the day, while others are looking for a more full-length style film. A wedding film is an investment for years to come, so we want to make sure that it is exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Can I Choose The Songs For My Film?

Due to copyright issues involved with using main stream music, I can only use a requested song if the rights for that particular song are purchased. If you have a song in mind, I would be more than happy to look up the cost of licensing that song for you!

I provide all royalty free music for no additional cost.

4. What Is Required To Reserve The Date?

To officially reserve your date, I will need two things:

  1. A 20% Downpayment/Retainer Fee
  2. A Signed & Initialed Contract

5. The Deposit

In order to officially reserve the date, I will ask for a 20% retainer fee through either Venmo, PayPal, or check. The 20% retainer fee DOES go towards the overall total. Instructions for paying the deposit can be found on the bottom left of your invoice.


6. What Is The Delivery Estimate For Films?

As an artist, I spend quality time on each and every one of your films. Depending on a Gold or Premium Package, each weddings takes approximately 4-6 weeks to edit, and based on the time of the season, it could take two months to deliver your films, or it could take 6 months.

Please feel free to inquire as I do my best to keep you as up to date as possible on delivery times throughout the editing process.